Life….lets just say it’s been tough for many, some more than most.

Coronovirus has brought so much despair across our country and our world, to the point that people have felt the need just to give up. I live in Nashville and right before COVID-19 so called hit, we experienced an F5 Tornado; and lets just say, that was definitely one of the most terryfying moments so far in my life for many reasons, but mostly because of my children. We were in shock for weeks after that, but we really didn’t get to deal with the remorse in a way that gave us time to grieve, for just in a short few weeks my kids like so many were left not knowing if and when they would ever go back to school to me, a registered nurse for over 15 years suddenly being cut hours due governmental  mandates reducing surgical services down to emergent or urgent only…….To be continued

We All Want To Quit Sometimes….

At times you may find yourself wanting to quit and just throw in the towel, however taking care of people and advocating for them, is just a small snippet if why I became what I am today.

Doing the right thing can be challenging depending on the situation and the person, however for a patient, doing the right thing is never, ever wrong.

Today was one of thise days that I just wanted to throw my hands up, but I kept calling, and calling, and calling, until I finally made headway.

This was the reason why I became a nurse 14 years ago. Doending almost 2 hours playing phone tag with mid and high level providers should never be the case with something that appears to be so minute.

In the end I pressed on and was able to get the patient what she needed. She may never know what it took or how long it took, however, I left knowing that I did the right thing.

Happy Learning 👩🏿‍💻♥️⛑