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Middle School Chronicles Pt. 1

Watch “Conquer Your Dreams in 2019 | A Life Changing Short Film” on YouTube

Great! This is one of the videos that I watched this morning as I prepared for work. Conquering your goals will never be easy. It takes hard work and discipline, as well as tears, frustration, joy, happiness, and most of all sacrifice. Whatever your goal is, be it small or big, remember that you can conquer them all; in your time.

Happy Learning!

Dreams Without Goals…💬

Every morning, I listen to motivational speeches or read something motivational from various authors. I recently heard something, I think it was from one of Denzel Washington’s various speeches, in which he says,” dreams without goals, are just dreams”. He goes on to say speak about achieving ones goals comes with hard work and discipline. This didn’t necessarily speak volumes to me, but I did have a Oprah moment, when she hears something during one of her interviews, she’ll simply state,” that’s good”.

“That’s good” was what I heard when I listened to his speech several weeks ago. I actually wrote this down in my planner because I have to reminded that going to school full-time, being a mother, a wife, and working full-time is definitely hard work, and it takes discipline to accomplish these goals on a daily basis.

It doesn’t take alot to dream of something you want, but it takes alot of discipline to accomplish those dreams. Rather it’s losing weight, getting a new job, going to school, making the grades; those actions require work, and that work will pay off in the end.

Think about a goal you want to achieve….not several goals, just 1 goal. Try working on that goal for 30 minutes each day, every other day, or just once this this week.

Your time and discipline will transform you, as you prove to yourself that through hard work and discipline, your dreams will always come true.

Happy Learning ! 💉💊📗

Communication Is Key~📞

There was a slight mention of inclement weather as I made the drive home last night, however, my local weather team only recognized that it would be colder than normal tomorrow, and that majority of my surrounding counties schools were open. Fast forward to 0530, I get up and start my routine of getting my children’s lunch and clothes ready for school, like I do every morning.

We leave for the house like we normally at 0655 so that my daughter can participate in band practice before school. My daughter jokingly says, “watch we won’t have school today”, and I respond with, “you wish”; however as I pulled up, we noticed that school traffic wasn’t the same as it usually is each morning. I pulled in anyway, with my middle schooler laughing hysterically saying, ” oh my gosh mom, this is like the Walking Dead or the apocalypse, or something”. I quietly tuned her out as I sometimes do when she gets in her “what if” moments. We pulled up to the door at 0710, and I said, ” what time can students go in”, she says, “now”, I say, “where are the students?”, she says, ” I told you we wasn’t having school ( inserts hysterical hyena non-stop laughing)”.

I pulled over and checked my email, and sure enough the school district left a message stating that school would be out due to inclement weather. I sit there and start laughing out loud with my 11yr old daughter and 8yr old son.. I don’t really get worked up about many things, and it just so happened I was scheduled off today, so we made it a fun-do whatever day….with a little reading and homework thrown in there. I said to my daughter, “are you going to tell your friends?” She said, ” well of course…duh, this is the funniest thing that’s happened to you and me all week”. Now I wouldn’t have told my middle school friends because was teased alot and that teasing usually turned into hurt feelings, however we try to educate our kids just about everyday on expressing your feelings respectfully and to not let people run over you.

Which brings me to topic of my message, which is communication. I jokingly said to my kids, why in the world would they just send an email out and not have any communication on the local news like all schools; including our school each time that schools are closed rather it’s inclement weather or illness.

Let me just say, I’m not techo- illiterate lol……I’ve had a professional role where I had to be connected at all times to my email, however, this is 2019, and I would assume that various forms of communication would be used to alert parents. I thought, what if someone doesn’t have email? Do they rely on the news?, Rely on word of mouth? Do they rely on the school’s website? I’m not really sure, however, this afternoon as I was fixing dinner, I saw our school system roll across the bottom of the screen, and my hysterical middle schooler begins to perform her famous hyena chuckle; along with a dance that I recorded.

In closing, I’m not sure if someone mentioned to the school system any personal thoughts concerning how the information was given to parents, what I know to be true, is the fact it was on the news and it was sent to my email.

How do you communicate? 📝📲☎️ think that we’re communicating to others well, and that the information was received and understood without any issues. The perception of the school employee that sent the email this morning was that all parents check their emails in the morning at 0530, however, that was their truths; not so much of my truths. Communication is everything that we do in all arenas of our life. Babies cry to alert someone of hunger, dogs may bark at the door to alert their owner that they need to go outside, alarms in the hospital will sound off when someone’s oxygen levels drop below a certain percentage.

So my question to you lovely people, would be, how are you communicating, and do you hold yourself accountable in the ways you communicate?

Happy Learning !!!! ⛄️

An E-Portfolio…What’s That?

I must admit, when I was in undergrad, we didn’t speak about creating and maintaining an e-portfolio. The phase was well underway during my undergrad years, however the only thing we spoke about, was a resume. We of course had computers everywhere, partook in every standardized test to progress and graduate from my nursing program, but the word e-portfolio never stood out. Fast- forward a few years, and I’m creating a presentation on what’s an e-portfolio and the difference between a professional and a higher education e-portfolio……because, yes there’s a difference. I’ll include a few tid bits from my presentation, because there may be someone there besides myself who may not know the reason you need an e-portfolio, question rather or not you need one, or maybe even start your own e-portfolio.

What’s the difference between an e-portfolio and a resume?? I’m glad you asked.📕🖇📇

What e-portfolio, is a collection of personal a professional achievements, information should be a selection of important endeavors within one’s life, chronologically detailing each section with precision. An e-portfolio should also reflect on past accomplishments, certifications, and education, thusly stating what connections one has made over the years as you’ve progressed through your educational or professional career.  A resume gives a more of chronological view into jobs or positions you’ve held, as well as duties and responsibilities. A resume can also contain various certifications, licenses, or memberships that you currently or previously have held.

Should you or shouldn’t you create an e-portfolio?🤔💊In the age of finger-tip technology, and the ever feeling of always being late, when you’re actually ahead of schedule; presents some challenges within higher education and professional environments. The new age of technology, that used to be in the form of paper. One can house their entire professional career within tabs, highlights, titles, and subtitles. Furthermore as this technology becomes the norm, higher education and professionals need to become comfortable with this technology in order to meet the demands of e-networking.

Either direction you choose, rather a traditional paper resume or creating an e-portfolio with a vast assortment of capabilities, you might eventually find yourself having to delve into the new world of fast-paced technology and the ability to know personal and professional attributes of someone, without having yet met them.

After you finish your professional education and you apply for your dream job; when the CEO or manger says send me the link to your e-portfolio and we’ll get back with you. What will you say??

I hope this was beneficial and educational at the same time. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share. If you have feedback for me as I learn about creating my own e-portfolio for graduate school, please share.

Happy Learning!

Beginning of the Race!

When I was younger I used to think that I had an infinite amount of time to explore the world and make mistakes; and to some extent that proved to be very…very..very true, I now find myself starting the race all over again. At the tender age of 38, ( insert belly laughs), the race is beginning for me in alot of ways. I’ve always loved medicine and the wonders behind how, why, and when doctors would do and say certain things. I would sound cliche when I’d say it was a calling, however, the call to medicine was just that; a calling. One of my first memories of “the call”, that I can remember, would be when my grandfather was in the hospital about to undergo one of his many open heart surgeries. I was amazed at all the machines, their bright lights, the big IV bags, and the various tubes that he required at the time, to keep him alive. Another first memory for me, was the time my mother had a breast reduction, and I was tasked at the ripe age of 11, to empty her JP drains. I have an 11yr old daughter, and I can’t get her to pick up dog poop let alone empty a ball full of blood and tissue. I began college like most kids in the U.S. in hopes of finding our niche and landing that great job one day. I knew medicine was my calling, however I didn’t know what path or how to answer it, when it was calling.

I finished my 1st degree in Biology, but I didn’t want to spend half my years in med school, residency, etc. etc.. simply because I wanted to do other things that I was passionate about. I went back to school the following year after I graduated, and entered into nursing school. I felt a new sense of joy, along with a new sense of calling. Fast forward a few years….I entered into the profession eyes wide open. There’s so much to learn in medicine and nursing, that you’ll always be a life-long learner. I didn’t find my calling calling in the ICU areas ( they scare me), however I found my calling in women’s and children’s health. I did listen to my instructors when I finished school, and worked in both post-surgical and med-surg nursing., however I knew what I wanted to do, and worked my way up to working in labor and delivery, which I love, love, love. I love seeing the parents meet their new baby and getting to be apart of something greater than me in the universe.

This blog is a new endeavor for me; it’s something I’ve never done, however I believe that being a life-long learner, means doing things you’ve never done, or don’t feel comfortable doing, especially people in medicine. I hope that the education or advice that I offer to new and wise nurses help to inspire and motivate you, in ways that someone once motivated me.

Happy Learning!