Not Your Right

Rather I stand by Alabama’s decision on their Heartbeat Bill or not, what I know to be true working as a L&D nurse for many years we at times have to face ugly truths about people in this world such as child rapists or other victims of sexual assault. I once took care of a 12 year old pregannt girl who was assaulted by a family member and knowing that she was going to deliver a innocent baby that which was born out of hate, anger, power, and any other ugly word I can think of let’s me know that those 25 men and 1 female who signed that law into power has never sat down with a girl who will never be the same ever or whom has never sat with a family member or nurse and asked them to tell the story of how it affects so many others along the way. Hopefully they will never have to experience that type of anguish or pain that that little girl or any of their daughters, sisters, or nieces in this lifetime