Kindness & Compassion Always Wins ♥️

As a nurse, at times you feel as if “no one” cares. When I say no one, I mean your fellow peers, your patient’s, management, senior level executives; gosh even the patient transporters can be a little tiring at times.

Two of the many mantras I repeat to myself; especially on the crazy days, is to always show kindness and compassion. I even tell my kids that when they start to bicker at each other. I say, “now was that kind, or how could you have shown kinder in saying that”.

It may sound silly to think that a nurse has to sike themselves up to take care of someone, and I assure you that’s not the case. I view nurses as frontline providers. Nurses, and anyone who works in what they consider customer service, has to learn how to place their inner feelings aside for the moment and take care of the person standing or sitting in front them.

It doesn’t matter to them that you’re failing in school, your relationship with your spouse is suffering, or your child is going through a rough patch; what matters in that moment, is our ability to show kindness, compassion, respect, and awareness that this person’s life will change in a matter of seconds depending on how I treat them in this moment.

As all of us embark on what we call our daily routines this day, remind yourself that you have complete power over your tongue, and that your words and physical expressions of compassion and kindness will go a long way.

Have you shown someone kindness and compassion today?

HAPPY Learning!