You’re never TOO OLD to have FUNNNNN !🤪🤪

I shared a video that goes along with this written post. I shared, because like myself, and many other adults who have children that are young and active, and require their parents to have a never-ending imagination. My daughter told her dad the other day, that she wished she had 2 siblings like us, meaning my husband and myself. She didn’t tell me ( I’m not always cool), however it does resonate to me, that at times, they look at us like fun parents who are not too old to have good ole fashioned fun.

I had a very active imagination, for the simple fact that I had 2 older brothers who like to watch wrestling and play with skeletor. I used to put my mom’s silk slips over my head and sing in the mirror or play make believe with my barbies while using different voices like news reporters. Either way, I’ve never lost my passion for make believe, and I want my children to know that even though their parents are bboth busy with supporting them, in addition to school, we always want them to know that we were those same goofball kids years ago………it’s just tucked away for special times.

Moral of the story……you never too old to have fun, and you never know, you may learn something about your children that you didn’t know before.

Happy Learning!

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