Dreams Without Goals…💬

Every morning, I listen to motivational speeches or read something motivational from various authors. I recently heard something, I think it was from one of Denzel Washington’s various speeches, in which he says,” dreams without goals, are just dreams”. He goes on to say speak about achieving ones goals comes with hard work and discipline. This didn’t necessarily speak volumes to me, but I did have a Oprah moment, when she hears something during one of her interviews, she’ll simply state,” that’s good”.

“That’s good” was what I heard when I listened to his speech several weeks ago. I actually wrote this down in my planner because I have to reminded that going to school full-time, being a mother, a wife, and working full-time is definitely hard work, and it takes discipline to accomplish these goals on a daily basis.

It doesn’t take alot to dream of something you want, but it takes alot of discipline to accomplish those dreams. Rather it’s losing weight, getting a new job, going to school, making the grades; those actions require work, and that work will pay off in the end.

Think about a goal you want to achieve….not several goals, just 1 goal. Try working on that goal for 30 minutes each day, every other day, or just once this this week.

Your time and discipline will transform you, as you prove to yourself that through hard work and discipline, your dreams will always come true.

Happy Learning ! 💉💊📗

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