Nursing School Tips

Nursing school was or is something that I always wanted to do. I’m sure this sounds cliché to some, but for me and many other nurses out there, helping people has always been in my DNA. My mother is a retired social worker and she spent the greater of 30+ years servicing children with special needs and disabilities. Servicing+Needs+Disabilities+ isn’t this what we do everyday in our profession; the desire to service, to help those in need, and to cure the disabled.

  • Make sure your school of choice is Accredited. Accreditation simply means that the school meets all certifications and requirements necessary to function in that formal academic setting.
  • GPA..I know, I know, I know. The dreaded GPA is the credit score for students who are competing to get into nursing or medical programs.
  • Prerequisites: Do you have the required prerequisites for nursing school entry. Some schools require you to have certain courses completed prior to the admissions process, whereas others do not. In my personal opinion, it was easier for me to have had them all courses completed prior to starting my program. For me to, it was almost like a bargaining tool that gave me an additional one-up on getting accepted into the program.
  • So you’ve made the cut…well it’s more to nursing school than just getting in. Here’s some helpful tips which may help you wade through nursing school, such as…………………
  • Test-Taking skills: This is something that people like myself struggled with, when I was in nursing school. I couldn’t grasp and understand the concept that “2 answers were right”, you just have to choose the best answer. Other nursing students in my class felt the same way, which made me feel better, however it didn’t negate the fact that we were all struggling, at times, when really didn’t have to.
  • Take a deep breath before you erase and circle in another answer, unless you know for sure that you misread the question and your new choice is correct.
  • Do practice questions and more questions and more questions, much like the your standardized tests in class or from a practice test bank.
  • Focus on the content that you don’t have a firm grasp on and not so much the content that you already possess. Each night if you’re reviewing your notes and you start with the same content; which is the content that you’re already familiar with, then each night when your’e tired of studying, you’re more than likely end up at the start of the difficult concept and not be able to firmly grasp the more difficult ones.
  • Get with people who have an answer for you. This means ask of your instructors first when you don’t understand the content. Set up a meeting with them, especially if the content is really difficult for you to grasp. Study groups help some but not all, and if a study group is right for you, meet up with some other students and go over content together; who knows you each may possess the skills in helping each other.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to study. Nursing school isn’t like many other degrees where one may think they can just “wing it”, nursing school requires a person to be a self-learner, dedicated, and patient amongst other traits.
  • Clear your mind and your heart before you walk into that class and take that test. Anxiety is something that is natural, it can help us out of dangerous situations or cause us to feel overjoyed. Anxiety however, can cause a lot of self-doubt, as well as unnecessary worry which can over shroud our sense of accomplishment and hard work that we so hard have tried to achieve.
  • Time Management skills is something that takes time and skill for nursing students to obtain. You don’t have to wait to become a nurse to learn time management skills, but if you’re one to struggle with being on time for appointments, your job, turning in assignments, etc., then time management is something you’ll need that’ll help you while you’re in school as a student, and once you become a nurse.

We All Want To Quit Sometimes….

At times you may find yourself wanting to quit and just throw in the towel, however taking care of people and advocating for them, is just a small snippet if why I became what I am today.

Doing the right thing can be challenging depending on the situation and the person, however for a patient, doing the right thing is never, ever wrong.

Today was one of thise days that I just wanted to throw my hands up, but I kept calling, and calling, and calling, until I finally made headway.

This was the reason why I became a nurse 14 years ago. Doending almost 2 hours playing phone tag with mid and high level providers should never be the case with something that appears to be so minute.

In the end I pressed on and was able to get the patient what she needed. She may never know what it took or how long it took, however, I left knowing that I did the right thing.

Happy Learning 👩🏿‍💻♥️⛑

Kindness & Compassion Always Wins ♥️

As a nurse, at times you feel as if “no one” cares. When I say no one, I mean your fellow peers, your patient’s, management, senior level executives; gosh even the patient transporters can be a little tiring at times.

Two of the many mantras I repeat to myself; especially on the crazy days, is to always show kindness and compassion. I even tell my kids that when they start to bicker at each other. I say, “now was that kind, or how could you have shown kinder in saying that”.

It may sound silly to think that a nurse has to sike themselves up to take care of someone, and I assure you that’s not the case. I view nurses as frontline providers. Nurses, and anyone who works in what they consider customer service, has to learn how to place their inner feelings aside for the moment and take care of the person standing or sitting in front them.

It doesn’t matter to them that you’re failing in school, your relationship with your spouse is suffering, or your child is going through a rough patch; what matters in that moment, is our ability to show kindness, compassion, respect, and awareness that this person’s life will change in a matter of seconds depending on how I treat them in this moment.

As all of us embark on what we call our daily routines this day, remind yourself that you have complete power over your tongue, and that your words and physical expressions of compassion and kindness will go a long way.

Have you shown someone kindness and compassion today?

HAPPY Learning!

You’re never TOO OLD to have FUNNNNN !🤪🤪

I shared a video that goes along with this written post. I shared, because like myself, and many other adults who have children that are young and active, and require their parents to have a never-ending imagination. My daughter told her dad the other day, that she wished she had 2 siblings like us, meaning my husband and myself. She didn’t tell me ( I’m not always cool), however it does resonate to me, that at times, they look at us like fun parents who are not too old to have good ole fashioned fun.

I had a very active imagination, for the simple fact that I had 2 older brothers who like to watch wrestling and play with skeletor. I used to put my mom’s silk slips over my head and sing in the mirror or play make believe with my barbies while using different voices like news reporters. Either way, I’ve never lost my passion for make believe, and I want my children to know that even though their parents are bboth busy with supporting them, in addition to school, we always want them to know that we were those same goofball kids years ago………it’s just tucked away for special times.

Moral of the story……you never too old to have fun, and you never know, you may learn something about your children that you didn’t know before.

Happy Learning!

Watch “Conquer Your Dreams in 2019 | A Life Changing Short Film” on YouTube

Great! This is one of the videos that I watched this morning as I prepared for work. Conquering your goals will never be easy. It takes hard work and discipline, as well as tears, frustration, joy, happiness, and most of all sacrifice. Whatever your goal is, be it small or big, remember that you can conquer them all; in your time.

Happy Learning!

Dreams Without Goals…💬

Every morning, I listen to motivational speeches or read something motivational from various authors. I recently heard something, I think it was from one of Denzel Washington’s various speeches, in which he says,” dreams without goals, are just dreams”. He goes on to say speak about achieving ones goals comes with hard work and discipline. This didn’t necessarily speak volumes to me, but I did have a Oprah moment, when she hears something during one of her interviews, she’ll simply state,” that’s good”.

“That’s good” was what I heard when I listened to his speech several weeks ago. I actually wrote this down in my planner because I have to reminded that going to school full-time, being a mother, a wife, and working full-time is definitely hard work, and it takes discipline to accomplish these goals on a daily basis.

It doesn’t take alot to dream of something you want, but it takes alot of discipline to accomplish those dreams. Rather it’s losing weight, getting a new job, going to school, making the grades; those actions require work, and that work will pay off in the end.

Think about a goal you want to achieve….not several goals, just 1 goal. Try working on that goal for 30 minutes each day, every other day, or just once this this week.

Your time and discipline will transform you, as you prove to yourself that through hard work and discipline, your dreams will always come true.

Happy Learning ! 💉💊📗