An E-Portfolio…What’s That?

I must admit, when I was in undergrad, we didn’t speak about creating and maintaining an e-portfolio. The phase was well underway during my undergrad years, however the only thing we spoke about, was a resume. We of course had computers everywhere, partook in every standardized test to progress and graduate from my nursing program, but the word e-portfolio never stood out. Fast- forward a few years, and I’m creating a presentation on what’s an e-portfolio and the difference between a professional and a higher education e-portfolio……because, yes there’s a difference. I’ll include a few tid bits from my presentation, because there may be someone there besides myself who may not know the reason you need an e-portfolio, question rather or not you need one, or maybe even start your own e-portfolio.

What’s the difference between an e-portfolio and a resume?? I’m glad you asked.📕🖇📇

What e-portfolio, is a collection of personal a professional achievements, information should be a selection of important endeavors within one’s life, chronologically detailing each section with precision. An e-portfolio should also reflect on past accomplishments, certifications, and education, thusly stating what connections one has made over the years as you’ve progressed through your educational or professional career.  A resume gives a more of chronological view into jobs or positions you’ve held, as well as duties and responsibilities. A resume can also contain various certifications, licenses, or memberships that you currently or previously have held.

Should you or shouldn’t you create an e-portfolio?🤔💊In the age of finger-tip technology, and the ever feeling of always being late, when you’re actually ahead of schedule; presents some challenges within higher education and professional environments. The new age of technology, that used to be in the form of paper. One can house their entire professional career within tabs, highlights, titles, and subtitles. Furthermore as this technology becomes the norm, higher education and professionals need to become comfortable with this technology in order to meet the demands of e-networking.

Either direction you choose, rather a traditional paper resume or creating an e-portfolio with a vast assortment of capabilities, you might eventually find yourself having to delve into the new world of fast-paced technology and the ability to know personal and professional attributes of someone, without having yet met them.

After you finish your professional education and you apply for your dream job; when the CEO or manger says send me the link to your e-portfolio and we’ll get back with you. What will you say??

I hope this was beneficial and educational at the same time. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share. If you have feedback for me as I learn about creating my own e-portfolio for graduate school, please share.

Happy Learning!