Beginning of the Race!

When I was younger I used to think that I had an infinite amount of time to explore the world and make mistakes; and to some extent that proved to be very…very..very true, I now find myself starting the race all over again. At the tender age of 38, ( insert belly laughs), the race is beginning for me in alot of ways. I’ve always loved medicine and the wonders behind how, why, and when doctors would do and say certain things. I would sound cliche when I’d say it was a calling, however, the call to medicine was just that; a calling. One of my first memories of “the call”, that I can remember, would be when my grandfather was in the hospital about to undergo one of his many open heart surgeries. I was amazed at all the machines, their bright lights, the big IV bags, and the various tubes that he required at the time, to keep him alive. Another first memory for me, was the time my mother had a breast reduction, and I was tasked at the ripe age of 11, to empty her JP drains. I have an 11yr old daughter, and I can’t get her to pick up dog poop let alone empty a ball full of blood and tissue. I began college like most kids in the U.S. in hopes of finding our niche and landing that great job one day. I knew medicine was my calling, however I didn’t know what path or how to answer it, when it was calling.

I finished my 1st degree in Biology, but I didn’t want to spend half my years in med school, residency, etc. etc.. simply because I wanted to do other things that I was passionate about. I went back to school the following year after I graduated, and entered into nursing school. I felt a new sense of joy, along with a new sense of calling. Fast forward a few years….I entered into the profession eyes wide open. There’s so much to learn in medicine and nursing, that you’ll always be a life-long learner. I didn’t find my calling calling in the ICU areas ( they scare me), however I found my calling in women’s and children’s health. I did listen to my instructors when I finished school, and worked in both post-surgical and med-surg nursing., however I knew what I wanted to do, and worked my way up to working in labor and delivery, which I love, love, love. I love seeing the parents meet their new baby and getting to be apart of something greater than me in the universe.

This blog is a new endeavor for me; it’s something I’ve never done, however I believe that being a life-long learner, means doing things you’ve never done, or don’t feel comfortable doing, especially people in medicine. I hope that the education or advice that I offer to new and wise nurses help to inspire and motivate you, in ways that someone once motivated me.

Happy Learning!